Board of Directors Nominees  Sarasota Gun Club  

Board of Directors Nominees


Ed Angrisani

Michael Boyle

Eric Dunn

Paul Enos

Brian Featheringham

Wayne Najar


There are 4 open positions on the Board and the chairman of election committee is Bud Queen with Dan Saiter, Tony Nacinovich, Ed Rogers, and Joe Wheeler as election officials.


Election process begins on Saturday, November 12th and ends Saturday, November 19th at 2:00pm during the annual general membership meeting.



Section 3. Voting for Directors shall be by written ballot and voting by proxy shall not be allowed.


Section 4. Beginning seven (7) days prior and continuing to the annual meeting, the Election Committee shall make available to every voting member in good standing on the rolls of the Corporation a uniquely numbered ballot listing the nominees. Each member receiving a numbered ballot shall acknowledge receipt of same on a list kept for that purpose by the Election Committee. Completed ballots may be returned at a place designated by the Election Committee to a member thereof who shall receive and maintain the ballot in secrecy, record its return, obtain the signature of the voter and deposit the ballot in a secure enclosure kept for that purpose. All ballots must be received and checked in by the Election Committee prior to the scheduled starting time of the annual meeting or they will not be counted. The ballots shall be counted by or under the supervision of the Election Committee and the results announced as the last order of business at the annual meeting.