Thank You...  Sarasota Gun Club  

Registered Trap at Sarasota Trap-Skeet & Clays ranks 21st Place Nationwide!

Over the years, Bill Vosnos has been the Trap Chairman for our Club, and has managed to successfully run our trap program for all our members.  The events that Bill has overseen have included monthly ATA shoots on the first Sunday of each month, Big 50 Shoots twice a week all year long, and Doubles Marathons in season on Sundays from January to April.


In 2014, our Club stood 37th out of 650 Clubs nationwide with over 166,000 registered ATA targets thrown, and Bill and his volunteers did that with only three active trap fields!  Well, the numbers are now in for 2015 and they are even better!  We threw 190,400 registered Trap targets for the year, and while we moved to 46th place in volume of registered targets trown, it was out of 890 Clubs.  More importantly though, there were twenty-five State Trap Associations ahead of our Club in volume, but since they aggregate their targets from many of the Clubs in their state under the State Association name, that actually puts our ATA Shooters at 21st place in volume of the 890 Clubs.  Well done to all our Trap shooters!  Just think what they will be able to do once the new field is put in place!