Little things mean a lot…  Sarasota Gun Club  

The main objectives at our Club are to provide the community and membership with a cost effective shooting venue, a fun experience, and a safe environment where they can always enjoy themselves.  At a recent Board of Director’s meeting, we began, as we always do, by reviewing all of the expenses associated with the operation of our Club.  While we are fortunate to have a strong membership base with an equally strong interest in shotgun sports, many of our expenses are going beyond what one would expect from a group that size.  The Club has grown a lot over the past year or so and is still very healthy financially, and we want to stay that way.  Some of the items we highlighted are interesting and we need your help to control those costs.


First on the list is drinking water!  If you can believe it, the cost for ice and drinking water is approaching $20,000 per year!  Of course, this water is essential for the safety of our shooters during the hot summer months and that is why we have always provided it.  However, we look at the carts at the end of the day, and there are a great number of bottles where they are opened but not touched or just a small amount gone.  We have also seen members grab several bottles and take them as they are leaving the Club for the ride home.  That is not the purpose that this is intended to serve.  I guess when “free stuff” is available; many people will make the most of it.  We certainly do not want to charge for the water or restrict the access, so we ask that you be aware of the issue and help us serve you and keep our costs down.


Recently there have been many discussions about the “extra birds” on the trap and skeet count down cards.  For those of you who are either new to the Club or don’t remember the purpose for these we want to share the rational.  The two extra targets per shooter per round were intended for lookers and potential broken targets.  They belong to the Club, not the shooter!  We have recently reduced those targets from two per round of twenty-five birds to one per round.  If you understand that the Club is throwing over 3.5 million targets per year, that extra target per round is a significant expense to you the members. 


Many shooters go out to the trap fields and talk while they are on the line and don’t understand that when the mikes are active, the trap will be throwing targets.  Invariably, they will get to the last station and not have any targets left!  Please be aware of this and have your conversations while you are sitting down off the line or the machine is turned off.


The sporting clays courses are another venue where we are spending a great deal on targets relative to the targets thrown and paid.  Many times we have seen shooters on the course in non-competition situations, asking for three to four pairs of lookers before shooting.  This is costly to you as the shooter, the Club, and other members, and can only lead to driving the costs up for everyone’s shooting.  We all need to understand that moving from twenty-four sporting clays stations to forty, and ultimately fifty-four, these issues are only multiplied and magnified significantly for all of us.  Our pricing for a round of sporting clays is based on one pair of lookers for a squad of four shooters, so please keep that in mind when you go out to shoot.


The Club has been very successful over the past few years and we want to keep it on that track.  With your help and understanding on these few issues we believe we can dramatically reduce these unnecessary expenses and keep our pricing in line.  Happy Shooting!


Your Board of Directors